Fort Greene 2-Family $2,750,000

        This corner house at 19 Willoughby Avenue is exactly 100 steps to the historic lush green Fort Green Park. How much point-blank range can you be!  But, before you pinch yourself, let’s take a look at the incredible value potential this beauty has to offer.


It is a two-family, six-bedroom double duplex that lays out over 3200 square feet  4-story house. It has a full basement that you can stand straight up without bumping your head on the ceilings. It has a 40-foot backyard with pavers and two ways of accessing it – one from the ground floor kitchen and the other from Carlton Avenue.


The current owner has lived in the house for over 40 years with not much imaginative change — the ground floor has one bedroom, kitchen and dining, and a bathroom. The second(parlor) floor has a living room and two other bedrooms and bath. The top two stories consist of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, and a kitchen.  Both apartments have separate washer & dryer.

Each level has beautiful hardwood floors, and the parlor floor has 12-foot ceilings.


Again, the apartments are in decent condition, but a new owner may want to reconfigure and modernize the space to meet the 21st century!

19 Willoughby Avenue sits on the corner of Carlton Avenue close to a plethora of neighborhood amenities.

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